Mission 1: Poland

In the eastern Polish → Białowieża primeval forest, the Polish government, under blatant reasoning, massively destroys the biosphere and species by permitting the deforestation of ancient trees.

The Polish government violates European law, → infringes the injunction of the European Court of Justice, and inflicts irreparable → harm to UNESCO Natural World Heritage sites.

The German Federal Association for Sustainability spares an emergency chute and has, based on these harms, set up Green Helmets - The Task Force for Nature.

See the videos below about proceedings.

Will this fairy tale forest survive Poland’s fight with the EU?

10,000 years ago fairy tale forests covered most of Europe. Now Białowieża is nearly all that's left – and large-scale loggers are moving in.

Gepostet von BBC News am Samstag, 26. August 2017

Nieustannie pozdrawiamy z Puszczy Białowieskiej i prosimy - udostępniajcie!https://pomagam.pl/dlapuszczy

Gepostet von Obóz dla Puszczy am Montag, 7. August 2017
Media reports
Białowieża Forest Image M. Luczniewski
Białowieża primeval forest
Image: M. Luczniewski

20 Nov. 2017 | Deutsche Welle
European court tells Warsaw to halt Bialowieza forest logging
By jbh/kms (dpa, AFP) - Europe's highest court has ordered Poland to stop logging immediately. Warsaw would be fined €100,000 for every day it continues.

Primeval forest Image: Kay Greven Green Helmets
Białowieża primeval forest logging
Image: Tom Diserens, MRI

10 Sept. 2017 | Notes from Poland
The story and science behind the legal battle to save Europe’s last primeval forest
By Tom Diserens, Mammal Research Institute - An attempt to set the record straight.

Primeval forest Image: Kay Greven Green Helmets
Białowieża primeval forest
Image: Kay Greven, Green Helmets

31 July 2017 | The Guardian
Poland vows to continue logging in Białowieża forest despite court ban
Government signals it will defy order from EU’s top court to suspend operations in Unesco-listed ancient forest

Primeval forest Image: Łukasz Mazurek WildPoland
Primeval forest
Image: Łukasz Mazurek, WildPoland

22 June 2017 | The Guardian
Primeval forest must lose Unesco protection, says Poland
Environment minister Jan Szyszko has called for Białowieża to lose its heritage status, saying it was granted ‘illegally’

Primavel forest logging Image: Adam Bohdan Wild Poland Foundation
Primavel forest logging
Image: Adam Bohdan, WildPoland

23 May 2017 | The Guardian
'My worst nightmares are coming true': last major primeval forest in Europe on 'brink of collapse'
Polish government is accused of pushing Unesco world heritage Białowieża forest to point of no return with logging

European Bison Image: Łukasz Mazurek WildPoland.com
European Bison
Image: Łukasz Mazurek, WildPoland

25 May 2016 | The Guardian
Poland starts logging primeval Białowieża forest despite protests
More than 180,000 cubic metres of forest to be cut down in area that is home to Europe’s largest mammal and tallest trees


Europe’s highest court has ordered Poland to stop logging immediately

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled on Monday Nov. 20th, 2017 that Warsaw would be fined €100,000 ($117,379) for every day it continues logging. “Poland must immediately cease its active forest management operations in the Bialowieza forest, except in exceptional cases where they are strictly necessary to ensure public safety,” the ECJ said in […]

1st Green Helmet volunteer

Since Sunday August 13th, 2017 the first Green Helmet volunteer coming from the German Federal Association for Sustainability, is on location at the rescuer’s camp at Białowieża Forest. Kay, for the second period, will provide us with news and updates. Image: Marek Kosinski

Supporting Robin Wood in Berlin

On Friday Aug. 11th, 2017, the German Federal Association for Sustainability supported Robin Wood on their action in front of th Polish Institute Berlin, also announciong Green Helmets.

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